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Open-Transactions comes with a high-level command-line client, called opentxs

(FYI, You might want to make sure the opentxs-notary is running in another terminal, before playing with the client.)

Here is the output from running "opentxs help" using the high-level CLI:

> opentxs help

Welcome to Open Transactions -- version 0.89.c

Using as server: tBy5mL14qSQXCJK7Uz3WlTOKRP9M0JZksA3Eg7EnnQ1
Using as mynym: T1Q3wZWgeTUoaUvn9m1lzIK5tn5wITlzxzrGNI8qtaV
Using as myacct: eMldMMiKfJRO8B8yJjzcezs9xvSt7dkdlWt50e8CDxn
Using as mypurse: CvHGtfOOKzQKL5hFL7J4iF5yAodVKhS1rxPzME5R9XA


 Advanced utilities: 
addsignature    add a signature to a contract without releasing others.
decode      OT-base64-decode out of armor.
decrypt     decrypt ciphertext using nym's private key.
encode      OT-base64-encode into armor.
encrypt     encrypt plaintext to a nym's public key.
exchange    exchange in/out of a basket currency.
getboxreceipt   downloads a box receipt based on transaction ID.
getcontract download an asset or server contract by its ID.
issueasset  issue a currency contract onto an OT server.
newasset    create a new asset contract.
newbasket   create a new basket currency.
newkey      create a new symmetric key.
newserver   create a new server contract.
pass_decrypt    password-decrypt a ciphertext using a symmetric key.
pass_encrypt    password-encrypt a plaintext using a symmetric key.
register    register a nym onto an OT server.
showbaskets show basket currencies issued on a particular server.
showmint    show a mint file for specific asset ID. Download if necessary.
sign        sign a contract, releasing all other signatures first.
verifysig   verify a signature on a contract.

 The user wallet: 
addasset    paste an existing asset contract, import it into your wallet.
addserver   paste an existing server contract, import it into your wallet.
changepw    change the master passphrase for the wallet.
editacct    edit an asset account's label, as it appears in your wallet.
editasset   edit a currency contract's label, as it appears in your wallet.
editnym     edit the nym's label, as it appears in your wallet.
editserver  edit a server contract's label, as it appears in your wallet.
exportcert  export the OpenSSL cert (only) for a specific Nym.
exportnym   export an OT Nym as a single importable file.
importcert  import an OpenSSL cert and create a Nym based on it.
importnym   import an OT Nym that was previously exported.
newnym      create a new nym.
refresh     performs both refreshnym and refreshacct.
refreshacct download latest intermediary files for myacct.
refreshnym  download latest intermediary files for mynym.
showaccounts    show the asset accounts in the wallet.
showassets  show the currency contracts in the wallet.
showincoming    show incoming payments for mynym+server and/or inbox for myacct.
shownym     show the statistics for a specific nym.
shownyms    show the nyms in the wallet.
showpurse   show contents of cash purse.
showservers show the server contracts in the wallet.
stat        display wallet contents.
verifyreceipt   verify your intermediary files against the last signed receipt.

clearrecords    clear all archived records and receipts.
records     display contents of record box.

 Markets (bid/ask): 
canceloffer cancel a still-running, recurring market offer.
getmarkets  download the list of markets.
getmyoffers download mynym's list of market offers.
getoffers   download the list of market offers.
newoffer    create a new market offer.
paydividend dividend payout, sent to all shareholders (in voucher form.)
showmarkets display the list of markets.
showmyoffers    show mynym's offers on a particular server and market.
showoffers  show all offers on a particular server and market.

 Asset accounts: 
acceptall   accept all incoming transfers, receipts, payments, and invoices.
acceptinbox accept all incoming transfers and receipts in MyAcct's inbox.
acceptinvoices  pay all invoices in MyNym's payments inbox.
acceptmoney accept all incoming transfers and payments into MyAcct.
acceptpayments  accept all incoming payments in MyNym's payments inbox.
acceptreceipts  accept all receipts in MyAcct's inbox.
accepttransfers accept all incoming transfers in MyAcct's inbox.
balance     display balance for a specific account.
deposit     deposit cash, cheque, voucher, or tokens.
inbox       display inbox of a particular account.
newacct     create a new asset account.
outbox      display outbox of a particular account.
showacct    show account stats for a single account.
transfer    send a transfer from myacct to hisacct.

 Dealing with other users: 
checknym    download a nym's public key based on his ID.
delmail     delete an in-mail item.
deloutmail  delete an out-mail item.
mail        display in-mail for a particular nym.
outmail     display out-mail for a particular nym.
outpayment  display contents of outgoing payments box.
payinvoice  pay an invoice.
payments    display contents of incoming payments box.
sendcash    send cash from mypurse to recipient, withdraw if necessary.
sendcheque  write a cheque and then send it to the recipient.
sendinvoice write an invoice and then send it to the recipient.
sendmsg     send a message to another nym's in-mail.
sendvoucher withdraw a voucher and then send it to the recipient.
showpayment show the details of an incoming payment in the payments inbox.

 Financial instruments: 
buyvoucher  withdraw from myacct as a voucher (cashier's cheque.)
cancelplan  cancel a still-running, recurring payment plan.
confirm     confirm your agreement to a smart contract or payment plan.
discard     discard/cancel a not-yet-cashed, outgoing instrument.
exportcash  export a cash purse.
importcash  import a cash purse.
propose     as merchant, propose a payment plan to a customer.
trigger     trigger a clause on a running smart contract.
withdraw    withdraw cash. (From acct on server into local purse.)
writecheque write a cheque and print it out to the screen.
writeinvoice    write an invoice and print it out to the screen.