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NOTE: All new issues will be going into the Issues section of this github page. This is stored here for historical reasons.

Get a test server up and running somewhere...

Need to add Fees (for issuers and server operators). They will just be another transaction item type. (User must agree to all items in a transaction if the user wishes to process the transaction. Fees will be added as additional items on the transaction types that are already functional.)

Need security audit done. Need to make sure buffer overflows are all cleaned up and hopefully get some hackers to blitz away at it.

Need to validate carefully whenever converting between string and long. This will require a good once-over.

When uploading currency contracts, need to validate them in a separate process before importing to the main server. (Currently validating in-server.)

When uploading currency contracts, need to generate the mint keys in a separate process. (Currently requires the server operator to run otCreateMint utility by hand, or the server would freeze while the keys were generating.)

Need to add support for PGP private keys. Right now the software supports PGP public keys (like on contracts, etc), but the user must still have an OpenSSL key pair in order to have a private key so that he can create accounts.

Denominations are currently hardcoded to:

pMint->GenerateNewMint(ASSET_ID, m_nymServer, 1, 5, 10, 25, 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 10000, 100000);
// penny, nickel, dime, quarter, $1, $5, $10, $20, $100, $1000
Need to make this configurable in the currency contract.

NEED GUI CLIENTS: (This is where you come in!)
--- Mac Client
--- Windows Client
--- Java Client
--- Web Client
--- iPhone Client
--- iPad Client
--- Android Client

--- DONE! (Version .2) Spent token database. I guess I'll throw these into a folder, too, based on hash of the token. Long term will be wherever the above Database questions are resolved.
--- DONE! (Version .2) Need to implement TOKEN EXPIRATION DATES so the spent token database never needs to get too large or be stored for too long. Wallets will handle automatically exchanging tokens as they approach expiration date.
--- DONE: (Mint Series and expiration..) Finished and in Release 0.2: Added expiry dates to the mints and started storing and verifying the transaction numbers.

--- Need to find other projects that could benefit from integration.
--- Such as anonymous / pseudonymous email, proxies, and other services.
--- Perhaps parties who could serve as issuers
--- Or funders :P