Unknown Deposit

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Any received deposits which can not be determined as belonging to a specific nym are treated as unknown deposits and are credited a service account.

This error path is invoked in several situations:

  • The address receiving the unknown deposit is in the deposit series, and the service responsible for that address never generated a PaymentRequest for it.
  • The address receiving the unknown deposit is a change address.


Unknown deposit to deposit series

If the server had maliciously failed to broadcast the PaymentRequest, then the nym will discover that fact when he asks the other transaction servers, and thus he will know in advance not to send the bitcoin for the PaymentRequest.

Therefore an unknown deposit must not be the result of a malicious server, but rather, the result of user error or malice. As a result, the funds are credited to the appropriate service account.

When the responsible audit server receives notification of a deposit to an unknown address, it notifies its transaction server what has occurred via an Unknown Deposit notice, and the transaction server performs a BalanceAdjustment to credit itself with the unknown deposit by updating its account balance file and the account balance file for the issuer account.

Unknown deposit to change series

If the unknown deposit is sent to an address in the change series, then a transaction server is selected deterministicly based on the incoming transaction id (txid).

Calculate txid mod n, and use that number to select a transaction server based on the transactions server's position in the voting pool asset contract. The resulting server can add the deposit to their service account via a BalanceAdjustment