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This call continues the process of withdrawing coins from a voting pool by providing the blockchain wallet with additional signatures for an in-progress transaction created by a previous startwithdrawal call.

updatewithdrawal may be called as many times as necessary as the auditor receives new signature lists. The blockchain wallet will broadcast transactions as they become valid, and unneeded signatures are ignored.


Version 1 Draft
This specification is still under development


Currently required to be 1. May be incremented for future expansions to the voting pool specification.
A signature list received from another member of the voting pool.

Return Values


signature status
A list of transactions included in the consensus round specified by the signature list and the number of additional signatures they each require before they may be broadcast.


Unknown version
The wallet does not support the supplied version number.
Unknown roundID
The roundID contained within the signature list does not correspond to any known withdrawal.