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OTX Protocol

For using OT in your own application, see the article on the high-level API.

For more details on how these messages work, see the article on messaging.

Also see the article on transaction messages.

Version 0

These are the messages used by versions of the opentxs client and server up to 0.93

For specifics on each message, see the OTMessage.cpp file.

Message Action Response Transactional (Y/N)
checkServerID Like a server “ping”. @checkServerID N
createUserAccount Register Nym + Credentials at Server @createUserAccount Y
createUserAccount (If already exists) Download Nym from server @createUserAccount N
deleteUserAccount Delete Nym from server @deleteUserAccount Y
getRequest Get current request number for Nym @getRequest N
getContract Download contract by ID @getContract N
getMint Download Mint by Asset ID @getMint N
getMarketList Download list of markets @getMarketList N
getMarketOffers Download offers active on market @getMarketOffers N
getMarketRecentTrades Download recent trades for market @getMarketRecentTrades N
getNym_MarketOffers Download list of offers on market for Nym @getNym_MarketOffers N
checkUser Download public credentials for a Nym @checkUser N
usageCredits Get Nym's usage credits from server @usageCredits N
usageCredits Set Nym's usage credits for server (admin) @usageCredits Y
sendUserMessage Send message to another Nym @sendUserMessage Y
sendUserInstrument Send payment instrument to another Nym @sendUserInstrument Y
issueAssetType Issue currency or stock based on contract @issueAssetType Y
queryAssetTypes Download list of asset types from server @queryAssetTypes N
issueBasket Issue basket currency onto server @issueBasket Y
createAccount Create asset account on server @createAccount Y
getAccount Download account balance from server @getAccount N
deleteAssetAccount Delete asset account from server @deleteAssetAccount Y
getTransactionNum Ask server for 100 new transaction numbers @getTransactionNum Y
getNymbox Download Nymbox from server @getNymbox N
getInbox Download Inbox from server @getInbox N
getOutbox Download outbox from server @getOutbox N
getBoxReceipt Download box receipt from server @getBoxReceipt N
processInbox Process inbox items @processInbox Y
processNymbox Process nymbox items @processNymbox Y
triggerClause Trigger clause on running smart contract @triggerClause Y
notarizeTransactions “transfer” acct-to-acct @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions “deposit” cash @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions “deposit” cheque @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions “withdrawal” of cash @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions “withdrawal” of voucher @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions Place a “marketOffer” @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions Activate a “paymentPlan” @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions Activate a “smartContract” @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions “cancelCronItem” - Cancel a market offer, payment plan or smart contract. @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions “exchangeBasket” (Into the basket) @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions “exchangeBasket” (Out of the basket) @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions “payDividend” to shareholders @notarizeTransactions Y

Version 1

Old name New name Response Message
createUserAccount registerNym registerNymResponse

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