Split Output

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This procedure is used when, either due to a large output or small inputs, the inputs required to satisfy a single output can not fit within transaction size limits.

The outBailment will be split across two or more transactions.

Initial Conditions

  • The transaction being constructed contains one output, and many inputs.
  • The transaction did not exceed any size limits until the most recent input was added.


  1. Update the value of the output in the transaction to be the sum of the inputs minus the required transaction fee.
  2. Make a copy of the outputs object corresponding to this outBailmentID.
  3. Update the amount field of the copied output by subtracting the value determined in step 4.
  4. Push this new output to the output stack.
  5. Update the status field for this outBailmentID in the withdrawal status object to "partial-".
  6. Perform the Finalize Transaction Procedure.
  7. Initialize a new transaction.