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In order to avoid an expensive and error-prone consensus process, it is mandatory for wallets to be able to construct withdrawal transactions in a deterministic manner, assuming they are given the withdrawal requests in a deterministic order. Once this is accomplished, then it only becomes necessary for wallets to share signatures among themselves because they know they all signed the exact same bitcoin transaction.



Initial Conditions

The startwithdrawal API call has been received by the wallet, and all the arguments have been checked for errors.


The basic flow of the procedure is:

  1. Gather accounting information from the API call arguments
  2. Validate and sort the output list
  3. Start a new transactions
  4. Add outputs to the transaction until either all outputs are added or all inputs are used.
  5. Verify all generated transactions are ready for signing.
  6. Create a list of all signatures which the wallet is capable of generating.
  7. Create a status list containing the deposition of every output the caller specified.
  8. Return the status list and signature list to the caller.

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