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This call requests a deposit script suitable for a BIP70 PaymentRequest based on a specific address.

Deposit scripts may only be requested from active series, as indicated by the location of the charter output.

All auditors in a voting pool will request the deposit script for every bailment message they see, and compare the script to the corresponding initiatedBailment message.

When a wallet receives a valid getdepositscript call, it should update its lookahead window for the relevant branch, ensuring it is watching all addresses in the branch between index 0 and the supplied address identifier.


Version 1 Release candidate
This version of the specification contains is believed to be complete, but is still subject to revision before version 1


Currently required to be 1. May be incremented for future expansions to the voting pool specification.
address identifier
the address for which the returned script should correspond

Return values


deposit script
A string containing an output script suitable for being included in the PaymentDetails field of a PaymentRequest.


incorrect version
The version specified in this call must match the version used of the relevant series
invalid pool
The given pool is not defined in the wallet.
invalid series
The given series is not defined in the wallet.
invalid branch
The given branch is not defined in the wallet.
invalid index
The index supplied is not a positive integer between 0 an 231.
series not active
The charter output for the pool is not located at the 0th change address for the given series, or the next series.