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OTX Protocol

For using OT in your own application, see the article on the high-level API.

For more details on how these messages work, see the article on messaging.

Also see the article on transaction messages.

Version 0.1

These are the messages used by versions of the opentxs client and server up to 0.93

For specifics on each message, see the opentxs::Message.cpp file.

Message Action Response Transactional (Y/N)
checkServerID Like a server “ping”. @checkServerID N
createUserAccount Register Nym + Credentials at Server @createUserAccount Y
createUserAccount (If already exists) Download Nym from server @createUserAccount N
deleteUserAccount Delete Nym from server @deleteUserAccount Y
getRequest Get current request number for Nym @getRequest N
getContract Download contract by ID @getContract N
getMint Download Mint by Asset ID @getMint N
getMarketList Download list of markets @getMarketList N
getMarketOffers Download offers active on market @getMarketOffers N
getMarketRecentTrades Download recent trades for market @getMarketRecentTrades N
getNym_MarketOffers Download list of offers on market for Nym @getNym_MarketOffers N
checkUser Download public credentials for a Nym @checkUser N
usageCredits Get Nym's usage credits from server @usageCredits N
usageCredits Set Nym's usage credits for server (admin) @usageCredits Y
sendUserMessage Send message to another Nym @sendUserMessage Y
sendUserInstrument Send payment instrument to another Nym @sendUserInstrument Y
issueAssetType Issue currency or stock based on contract @issueAssetType Y
queryAssetTypes Download list of asset types from server @queryAssetTypes N
issueBasket Issue basket currency onto server @issueBasket Y
createAccount Create asset account on server @createAccount Y
getAccount Download account balance from server @getAccount N
deleteAssetAccount Delete asset account from server @deleteAssetAccount Y
getTransactionNum Ask server for 100 new transaction numbers @getTransactionNum Y
getNymbox Download Nymbox from server @getNymbox N
getInbox Download Inbox from server @getInbox N
getOutbox Download outbox from server @getOutbox N
getBoxReceipt Download box receipt from server @getBoxReceipt N
processInbox Process inbox items @processInbox Y
processNymbox Process nymbox items @processNymbox Y
triggerClause Trigger clause on running smart contract @triggerClause Y
notarizeTransactions “transfer” acct-to-acct @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions “deposit” cash @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions “deposit” cheque @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions “withdrawal” of cash @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions “withdrawal” of voucher @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions Place a “marketOffer” @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions Activate a “paymentPlan” @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions Activate a “smartContract” @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions “cancelCronItem” - Cancel a market offer, payment plan or smart contract. @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions “exchangeBasket” (Into the basket) @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions “exchangeBasket” (Out of the basket) @notarizeTransactions Y
notarizeTransactions “payDividend” to shareholders @notarizeTransactions Y

Version 0.2

For more details on message contents and formats, see GitHub documentation

Old name New name Response Message
createUserAccount registerNym registerNymResponse

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