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Monetas is a software company based in Zug, Switzerland, that was cofounded by Chris Odom, the creator of Open-Transactions. (Click for white paper.)

Chris Odom stepped down from Monetas in March 2015 and cofounded Stash. He said, "When I cofounded Monetas in 2012 with Johann Gevers, our vision for the company was of a mobile money app and commercial notary software inspired by Open-Transactions, and with an emphasis on Africa."

Monetas was a major supporter of Open-Transactions development for several years, and spent significant financial and human resources on developing Open-Transactions from 2012 through 2015, while also implementing their own commercial notary and mobile wallet software inspired by Open-Transactions.

Monetas has generously released their improvements to Open-Transactions under the MPLv2 license, and the company is now solely focused on their own commercial implementation.

Monetas' official website: