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In computer science anything based on consensus in a distributed network is an incredibly complicated thing to implement. There are some tools out there like zookeeper (never used it) which I understand can be used for this kind of thing.

Something to keep in mind is, that roughly speaking you cannot get consensus, (two generals problem etc), but you can get consensus with some degree of certainty.

Would there be any way where we could change this such that we do not need concensus?

Why do the peers have to agree on the addresses every 5 minutes?

We need consensus because each member of the voting pool to take the same actions. We're tried to restrict the scope of consensus to the bare minimum possible in order to make the withdrawal process work.

As far as the algorithm, we'll be using a system similar to what Ripple uses. Last year Chris was contracted to produce a custom cryptocurrency and the algorithm he used for them is compatible with what we need for voting pools.

Good to know the consensus has been scoped to be as minimal as possible. Can we add a reference to the algorithm we're going to use?

Yes, but it will probably be until after more of the auditor is documented before this page is filled out.