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This call instructs the blockchain wallet to create and populate new series.


Version 1 Release candidate
This version of the specification contains is believed to be complete, but is still subject to revision before version 1


Should be 1. This field allows for future expansion of the voting pool wallet specification.
series identifier
The series to be created
required signatures
The number of signatures needed to sign an outgoing transaction. This is the m value for the m-of-n multiscript opcode.
list of xpubs
The n value for the m-of-n multiscript opcode is implicitly derived from the number of xpubs provided here.

Return Values




The wallet has created the series.
Unknown version
The wallet does not support the supplied version number.
Series already exists
This call should not allow the same series number to be created in the same voting pool. If it's necessary to change an already-defined series, the replaceseries call should be used instead.
Too many pubkeys
This error indicates that more than the maximum number of pubkeys allowed by OP_CHECKMULTISIG have been supplied.
Duplicate pubkeys
xpubs in a series must be unique.
Insufficient pubkeys
The number of xpubs supplied must be larger than required signatures
Invalid pool
The pool supplied as part of the series identifier must be a valid color definition.
Invalid pubkey
Each xpub supplied must be a valid BIP32 extended public key.
Invalid series
Series numbers supplied as part of the series identifier must be positive integers, and must be exactly one higher than the current highest defined series for the pool.